Thursday, 2 Dec 2021

7 Cheap Travel Destinations If You Are In Debt

Many would-be travelers feel that they will never be able to visit other countries due to being on a strict budget. What they don’t realize is that there are plenty of cheap travel destinations out there that will fit almost any budget they happen to be working with. Even countries you think would be super-expensive are quite often budget-friendly if you know a few tips and tricks.

There are plenty of cheap travel destinations for those who want to travel but are living on a budget. Remember, travel doesn’t have to be expensive, you just have to know where to go and the best way to get there. It also doesn’t hurt to look for deals on everything from travel to hotels along the way as well.

In this list, you’ll be able to find seven cheap travel destinations to hit if you’re recovering from debt and have the desire to travel.

1. Central America

If you have always wanted to explore ancient ruins, take a trek through a jungle, and surf with very few tourists to bother you, then visiting the small countries of Central America could be for you. Places like El Salvador and Honduras are perfectly cheap travel destinations that you can enjoy without going over your budget.

In these places, it’s possible to find hotel accommodations for around $15 a night and meals for around $3. Beer is even less than a $1 in these locales.

2. Fiji

Most travelers think of anywhere in the Pacific Islands as being unaffordable for anyone who is on a budget. The resorts, food, and services are sure to be overpriced, right? That’s not always how it is, at least not when it comes to Fiji. From tasty seafood to locals that are friendly and from world class diving to nice beaches, you can travel to Fiji as a cheap destination even if you are in debt.

3. London, England

Of course, we all know that London, England is not exactly a cheap travel destination and even staying in the hostels there can cost you a pretty penny. However, that’s not everywhere in London. However, though it will strain your budget to eat and stay in London, there is nothing like it for the free sights you can explore. Did we mention they were free?

From the Rosetta Stone to the Lindow Man, the free sights themselves are well worth what you will spend on lodging, eating, and public transport. So, if you have always wanted to visit London, you might just be able to. It’s an experience worth having for sure.

4. New Orleans, USA

New Orleans is well-known for its spicy food, colorful nightlife, and its amazing festival calendar. While it may seem that a vacation here would be quite expensive, in reality with the free sights, activities, and street festivals, it’s truly not that bad. At this travel destination, there are also plenty of lodgings, dining opportunities and other attractions that are affordable, even for those on a budget.

5. Jamaica

Jamaica, of course, has plenty of luxury options. However, thanks to their international airport, they also have quite a few budget options as well. Jamaica was at one time rated as one of the top budget destinations for travelers. One word of warning, however, it is best to avoid traveling to this location during hurricane season, which is in July and August.

6. Thailand

Another destination that many travelers have always dreamed of visiting but thought they couldn’t afford is Thailand. The fact is it’s not as expensive as one might think. It is estimated that you can eat the local street food there for as little as $4 a day, much less than you can in other countries you might choose to visit on vacation.

There are plenty of things for budget travelers to do in this popular area. Some of them include relaxing on the gorgeous beaches, taking in the sights, and even venturing into the colorful city that is Bangkok. If you have always dreamed of visiting Thailand, make your plans, you can do it even on a budget.

7. Peru

Believe it or not, Peru is a very affordable holiday destination for those on a budget. A typical three course lunch there will cost you around $2 in the town of Huaraz, of course that is apt to change.

The hostels throughout the lovely country are usually budget friendly as well. These will run you anywhere from $8 to $10 a night for a simple bed in a dorm like room. The public transportation is affordable as well. If you’re looking to spend some time in Peru do your research and choose the cities and towns that are best known for their affordable prices.