MBNA Europe

MBNA Europe are one of the UK's largest credit card providers.

As well as offering their own MBNA cards they also provide cards through other companies like Virgin, Alliance & Leicester and also many of the UK football club's own branded credit cards.

In the 1st 6 months of 2010, the Financial Ombudsman Service reported that MBNA Europe were the 12th most complained finance company in the UK, receiving 1,641 complaints, with 58% of all complaints being ruled in favour of the customer.

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Company Name - MBNA Europe

  • Correspondence Address
  • Customer Assistance Department
    Po Box 30
    CH4 9FD
  • Reg Company Number
  • 2783251
  • Parent Company
  • Bank of America
  • Registered Address
  • C/O Mbna Europe Bank Ltd
    Stansfield House
    Chester Business Park
    Chester Cheshire
    CH4 9QQ
  • Consumer Credit Licence
  • 363167
  • Website
  • www.mbna.co.uk
  • What do our customers think

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7 customers have reviewed this creditor.

Average reviews rated MBNA Europe

  • Graham Pewter 13/04/2011   14:36:05

    The worst credit card provider there is. They boost their interest rates for no reason, they do not call back within 48 hours as promised. Contacting them by telephone can only be likened to a qualifying round of the Krypton Factor. MBNA should be investigated by the FSA.

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  • bizzy 27/01/2011   12:49:13
    "Treated Fairly"

    I have an ATP with MBNA and this has been setup with help. I had to complete the required financial statement forms, but this was expected. Once they had the details the amount set by them was affordable and fair.

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  • Kenneth Miles 11/08/2010   08:14:50

    went to free geverenment debt agency who completed all the paperwork which was posted on to MBNA, they have refused to accept the offer of a increased sum over and above what was oroposed currently paying monthly sum, but they have refused to stop interest charges and late payment fees, Situation has been exasperated by lack of english when communicating on the phone

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  • H 05/08/2010   22:44:10
    "No trouble"

    on a dmp - MBNA have been helpful throughout, no hassling by phone or letter, they've not even defaulted. They stopped all interest and charges once the dmp was set up, I'm really quite impressed with them!

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  • Sara Bodenham 04/08/2010   14:06:59
    "Pretty Good"

    They seem reasonably fair to me.

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  • mikey84 20/07/2010   09:44:44
    "Good at first"

    When I initially got the MBNA Starwood credit card, I was pleased because of the slightly lower interest rate provided. Then they offered me balance transfers to a much lower rate. After taking this offer, they offered more credit limit to encourage me to transfer more balance from my other higher interest credit card. This allowed me to concentrate on paying off the higher interest credit card first. After the promo period has expired, I got a letter from MBNA informing me that my interest rate will almost double after a month or so, which made me very upset because they lead me to believe that they are helping me clear out my high interest cards by transferring to them, then bumping up their interest rate right after the transfers are done. It is a very tricky and deceptive way of making money.

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  • tonyroo 18/07/2010   13:44:00

    I think MBNA are decent. If you have a good credit history you are rewarded with a decent APR schimples!! :-p

    jojo 04/03/2011   18:19:46

    Lets just hope you never loose your job and are late with a couple of payments and then be charged an interest rate of 34%.

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MBNA Europe Directors' Details

  • Company Director
    Ian John Sullivan O'Doherty
  • Direct postal address
    Stansfield House
    Chester Business Park
    CH4 9FB
  • Company Director
    Michele Sylvia Greene
  • Direct postal address
    Stansfield House
    Chester Business Park
    CH4 9FB

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