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Payday Express is a payday loan company that offer small loans between £80 - £800.

Their typical APR is 1,737.2%, so if you were to borrow £100 over 1 year, it would cost you £348.39 to repay, making a Payday UK loan an expensive long term financial solution.

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Here’s some information we’ve collected about this creditor. Please note this information may not be up to date and was accurate at the last time we updated it (September 2011).

Company Name - Payday Express

  • Correspondence Address
  • 4Th Floor
    Northside House
    69 Tweedy Road
    BR1 3WA
  • Reg Company Number
  • 03841946
  • Parent Company
  • N/A
  • Registered Address
  • Express Finance
    6Th Floor
    77 Gracechurch Street
    EC3V 0AS
  • Consumer Credit Licence
  • 478122
  • Website
  • What do our customers think

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8 customers have reviewed this creditor.

Average reviews rated Payday Express

  • g 01/03/2013   09:25:23
    "bad company"

    Very poor customer service not a company to do business with. Would suggest not borrowing from them as you get sent threatening texts even when you have paid them money.

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  • sue 16/05/2012   07:43:08
    "payday express"

    This company are vile. All payday companies prey on the unfortunate and desperate,but this company take it to a new high. My son who was in dire need of a few hundred to meet an urgent bill,borrowed this amount from this greedy unscrupulous company. He has paid this many times over and has begged them to stop the interest,agree a set amount to take each month (currently it stands at around a thousand pounds) They totally refuse and are rude and arrogant. They harrass him constantly at work with telephone calls,which he fears will lead to him losing his job,to say nothing of the embarrassment and humiliation is causes him. He is today going to contact debtline to ask for their intervention. I understand OFT guidlines say debtors should not be contacted at work but payday express believe they are above these guidlines and refuse to change their stance. He is taking strong medication to try and get him through but i am seriously worried. I am on the poverty line myself or i would pay it to get them off his back. These companies should be investigated and closed down,they are total loan sharks.

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  • SCOTT W 11/02/2012   15:29:22
    "Apalling, despicable, harrassing, bully boy behaviour"

    That sums them up really. If you've had a bad experience with PDE then complain to the FSA, the very fact a complaint has been made causes PDE to be charged the standard investigation fee of £500.00, even if they complaint is not upheld they still have to pay...give them a taste fo their own medicine, unsympathetoc bunch of robbers.

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  • Tom, UK 30/08/2011   21:07:38
    "Avoid avoid avoid!!!!"

    if you're ever in need of a payday loan, feel free to use payday express if you want to be harassed. A complete bunch of cowboys who have no idea of how to run a loan company. My experience is fairly similar, although I managed to speak to a "manager", some numpty called Paul St Ledger who promised 3 times to call back - didn't do so. I wrote into complain, was ignored. E-mailed 3 times, ignored. I'm in the process of raising this to the Ombudsman, who I understand will charge PDEXP £500.00 for the courtesy of investigating their misconduct. Whilst I don't expect anything back from these cowboys, I hope posting on here will help customers decide to go elsewhere.

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  • Atta 29/07/2011   14:20:22
    "Loan shark committing DEBIT CARD FRAUD"

    I had a loan from payday Express that I could not pay back for a while, then I finally made an arrangement to pay three installments.Instead of the agreed amount they took ALL that they could from my account. £200 more than I agreed to pay. I phoned them and then they told me the there'd been a mistake. First I believed them and made another arrangement to pay it back. Guess what! They took more than I agreed AGAIN! again anything they could.Now they are still trying to call me to pay the remaining amount back, but i told them, that if thez took anything else using my debit card details, i will accuse them with debit card fraud, so I will NOT pay tem back the remaining amount. If they take it without my consent again, I will go to the pole and report debit card fraud made by that aware! Cash Genie does EXACTLY the same thing. They say they are partners, but I believe that they are the same company.

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  • tom grinnall 09/06/2011   19:09:12
    "payday express collection date of payment"

    just wanted to let you all know that payday expess frequently attempt to collect payment from you on the approved day...but before you have been paid. this results in my case on a £120.00 loan as follows an instant £30.00 defult fee and a new bill for £400.00??? ...all this when the approved payment was there for them to collect of £120.00 its all a scam, please do not borrow money and please tell as many people as possible not to, i contacted the police and they say.."its all there in the small print " and ... " i guess thats how they make there money" I contacted the newspapers to try and let as many people know as possible and they tell me they have alreaddy ran nemerouse stories on the scam. please do not borrow money

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  • M Jackson 12/04/2011   13:11:23
    "Early Repayment"

    Do not use this company at all even if you are desperate for a loan. They are rude when you telephone and ignore all emails. I borowed £320 to be repaid in 31 days, total to repay was £400. After 10 days I was in a position to repay and expected to pay back the original amount of £320 plus only 10 days interest. I contacted Payday Express by telephone and advised them that I wanted to settle early. To my horror the full amount of £400 has been debited to my bank account. I have telephoned Payday Express twice asking for a supervisor or manager to call me back and also sent 2 emails all have been ignored. You have been warned !.

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  • smb 15/01/2011   00:44:45
    "payday express - the most arrogant ignorant people ever"

    willnot budge or help when you get into difficulty, are not prepared to reduce payments, take the money from your account, even if you stop your card and therefore leave you overdrawn, and suggest that when you quote pages to them from the debt management website that you have 'edited' it with thier name and they do not have to accept anything. They are rude, speak over you, ignore your emails then send you theirs saying you fail to respond, and to be honest would never ever touch them again.

    sandy 20/01/2011   17:08:08

    tried to send recorded letter to the address you have on the right for managing director, silvio dante piccini but its not been deilvered, says while you were out card left, have they moved? not like a compnay address to have no -one there?

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Payday Express Directors' Details

  • Director
    Daryl Michael Thorpe
  • Direct postal address
    Express Finance
    6th Floor
    77 Gracechurch Street
    EC3V 0AS
  • Managing Director
    Mr Silvio Dante Piccini
  • Direct postal address
    Express Finance
    6th Floor
    77 Gracechurch Street
    EC3V 0AS
  • Finance Director
    Mr Piero Fileccia
  • Direct postal address
    Express Finance
    6th Floor
    77 Gracechurch Street
    EC3V 0AS
  • Marketing Director
    Mr Robert Andrew Bryan
  • Direct postal address
    Express Finance
    6th Floor
    77 Gracechurch Street
    EC3V 0AS

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