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Bryan Carter & Co Solicitors is a law firm which acts on behalf of finance companies to recover debt from you when you’ve fallen behind on repayments.

Many customers have reported that Bryan Carter & Co Solicitors often commence court proceedings to have a CCJ issued to you very quickly after first contacting you.

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Here’s some information we’ve collected about this creditor. Please note this information may not be up to date and was accurate at the last time we updated it (September 2011).

Company Name - Bryan Carter & Co Solicitors

  • Correspondence Address
  • De Havalland Drive
    KT13 0NT
  • Reg Company Number
  • OC351865
  • Parent Company
  • N/A

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  • Alan 12/03/2013   16:13:02

    Possibly the most unprofessional company I have dealt with. I have settled a credit card several years ago and have sent evidence of this to another company who again some time ago seemed to be digging for custom. This company have contacted me 4 times now... On three occassions I hung up in disgust. On the other call they offered me a 50% reduction on a debt I do not have and told me they would refund the money if it turned out I had paid the balance! Absolute Vultures who will go away! Will not get a penny out of me as I did settle some time ago. NB. the company who I sent evidence to I feel have something to do with this mob and I feel as though I am being treated as a soft touch by Bryan Carters.

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  • Nick Oliver 09/08/2012   21:01:08
    "Bryan Carter"

    Absolutely retarded! Along with Frederickson International and Lowells!!!I keep getting phone calls and letters regarding an outstanding debt for something I have never had, wanted or needed. Not sure they actually grasp the concept of the fact that I do not owe anyone anything for something I never had in the first place. So pissed off with them now I have contacted BBC Watchdog this evening about the retards!

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  • Tina Hinds 21/02/2012   17:14:11
    "Rip off " Bryan Carter" Solicitors "

    Oh my God ! I am just reading these reveiws. All of the commenst are absolutelt true!!!Bryan Carter solictors ( Joke - professional legal people do not act like this) are disgraceful disgusting people to deal with, and no better than street thugs.I totally agree with prevoius commenst that Bryan Carter Solicitors do not understand that people are trying to clear their debt gradually. The so called "call centre" calling themselves Bryan Carter constantly ring you chasing money and do not except it when you say I have not got it and can I pay a little less this month. Them when you pay double one month, they dont class that, and always record the negative things. And yes every time a notice is sent the original amount increase and the make demands of what to pay. And they most certainly DO NOT have any regard for their clients, and at times are most rude. Saying things like " Well your Married" there must be money coming ? Or you own a house don't you !! Bryan Carter do issues legal proceedings too early in negotations to allow anyone time in which to deal with matters. And do not have the decency to even tell you about it. Then say they sent you a letter weeks ago - yea right !! They are heavy-handed and go to Court at the drop of a hat acting no better than baliffs.Beware they always say we have it recorded !!! and copies of letters that they have supposing sent ( Again) out but you never received.I too have my doubts about Northapton County Court!! There is somthing seriuosly wrong here. It cannot be legal what Bryan Carter do.Yes, Yes they issue claims through the Northampton Bulk Clearing Centre, which apparently do not require the same standard of supporting documentation as other 'usual' Courts. Bryan Carter are too quick to ask you to ring Northamptn Court even giving you a number to quote. !! I rang Northampton court today, and it is true they are all in favour of Bryan Carter Solicitors. And act on everything Bryan Carter tells them to do, irresp

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  • clare 28/01/2012   15:13:31
    "terrible company"

    I keep getting letters from this company to do with a vodafone debt owed by a previous tennant. I've phoned the company 5 times over the past 3 months to tell them the tennant doesn't live at the address (leaving them with my details) but they continue to send at least two letters a week! Now the balliffs are due to call at my house to collect on a debt from a tennant that doesn't live here! THESE PEOPLE DON'T LISTEN, what a waste of my time, I also feel harrassed over a debt I don't even owe!!

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  • mr disgruntled 02/11/2011   14:46:14
    "Nryan carter solicitors and fredricksonn international"

    Firstly, i doubt wether these people are actualy solicitors, because they have absolutely no understanding of the law. and also in regard ot fredrickson, they are very well known to the Office of Fair Trading...and not in a good light either, I have written to the Solicitors Regulation Society in reagrd ot the behaviour of this copmpany and i have also written to the ministry of justice to alert them to the fact that if Bryan Carter issues a court claim for a debt, then the applicable court can treat them with suspicion..

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  • graham walker 24/08/2011   12:28:57

    i have heard bryan carter have stopped trading, is this correct and do i still leave my direct dev=bit open

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  • Paul Todd, retired, not in the best of health. 25/07/2011   14:36:25
    "Unsolicited Text contact"

    Today, whilst away from home and family, I receive an unsolicited text from Bryn Cater 'SOLICITOR' requesting URGENT CONTACT and quoting a 'case' reference number. I have two sons in there 20's travelling the country/world. My partner's son is having difficulties in London., CAN YOU IMAGINE MY FIRST REACTION?? CAN YOU IMAGINE THE REAL STRESS PLACED UPON ME FOR THAT FIRST 1/2 HOUR.? CAN THIS BE LEGAL?? IS THIS PROCESS IMMORAL? IS IT SANCTIONED BY THE SOLICITOR'S GOVERNING BODY?

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  • Sally Mills 30/11/2010   20:01:36

    This organisation issues legal proceedings too early in negotations to allow anyone time in which to deal with matters. They are heavy-handed and go to Court at the drop of a hat! Also, I have serious doubts as to whether they are actually a bone fide representative in many cases and are simply on 'fishing expeditions' which is an abuse of Court process. What I mean by this is that they may not necessarily own the debt or have the legal authority even to collect it - yet press for repayment, without producing the original paperwork; a legal requirement for all CCA agreements. They issue claims through the Northampton Bulk Clearing Centre, which does not require the same standard of supporting documentation as other 'usual' Courts. They hide behind this and think they can make any spurious claim stick this way. Do not be fooled by them; they have devious methods! Ask for information - SAR requests for a copy of the signed original agreement under the CCA - and be thorough. If you get a claim from Northampton and suspect this organisation does not represent the original creditor, then ask for the paperwork, issue a Defence if appropriate and get the case transferred to your local Court, where it might serve you better.

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  • judy 10/08/2010   16:24:15
    "review Bryan Carter & co"

    This company does not understand that people are trying to clear their debt gradually. Every time a notice is sent the original amount increase and the make demands of what to pay. They do not have any regards for their clients.

    Martin Lawrence 18/03/2011   14:10:56

    These solicitors use debt collection as a means to increase their revenue. They are sloppy, don't do the necessary paperwork to try and collect debts without court procedings and if you refuse to answer their letters or phonecalls they simply go away. The only person who then pays are the idiots who employ them, they are a joke.

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