Wonga is a payday loan company specialising in short term loans with high interest rates. As with most payday loans, there are no credit checks and customers can receive the funds in as little as an hour. Repayment on a loan with Wonga is usually due within 30 days.

Customers often start experiencing problems when they can’t repay the initial loan at the end of the term and instead take out a further loan. This is called ‘rolling over’ and can easily create a cycle of debt that is very difficult to get out of, due to the very high interest rates. Once behind with their payments, we know that many of our customers receive ongoing phone calls and letters chasing for payment which makes their situation even more stressful.

At Debt Line, we’ve helped thousands of people pay off their payday loans. If you’re struggling to repay such a debt and would like us to deal with Wonga on your behalf, fill in our simple form on the right and we’ll call you back to see if we can help.

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Here’s some information we’ve collected about this creditor. Please note this information may not be up to date and was accurate at the last time we updated it (September 2011).

Company Name - Wonga.com

  • Correspondence Address
  • Hardship Team
    Po Box 66147
    NW1W 8PF
  • Reg Company Number
  • 6374235
  • Parent Company
  • N/A
  • Registered Address
  • 88 Crawford Street
    W1H 2EJ
  • Consumer Credit Licence
  • 0611974
  • Website
  • www.wonga.com
  • What do our customers think

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  • keighleigh 01/02/2013   16:40:04

    have used wonga for over a year now very great service very quick to put your money into the bank and easy to pay off bit by bit before due date if you didnt want to pay full on the actual day also promo code etj270 gets you £5.50 off your loan

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  • Lenard Ray 06/11/2012   10:22:47

    I took out a small loan of £50 for just 10 days and repaid at the agreed time but Wonga keep sending me emails saying I have not repaid my loan. Bank confirms payment and Wonga have taken three payments from my bank. Calling customer services is a complete waste of time got no help whatsoever. In the end I reported my Debit Card lost so that Wonga couldn't rob me again. I wouldn't use them again, they are thieves and liars.

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  • Sophie 31/03/2012   20:36:11
    "Great Service!"

    I think Wonga is a great company. The cash was paid into my bank within 15 minutes of my application been accepted. I have read the reviews from other people...why borrow the cash if you can't afford to pay it back? You're moaning that they add interest on...they state this in their terms and conditions. Pay it back when you set your promise date and you will have no problems. Totally recommended Wonga to people that can pay it back on time!!

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  • Mr anom 15/11/2011   11:33:15

    I took a £107 loan from Wonga only had 1 email when it was paid i paid back 128 and i am not going to moan if you need the cash fast why bitch read the apr ffs.

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  • emily 12/11/2011   10:56:35

    i wasnt even allowed to take a loan out i didn't qualify but yet they've taken £67.70 out of my account for 'admin fees' so other companies can contact me.. i'm fuming with them.. the whole point for going to them is because i'm struggling with money and needed help and now they've taken off me for what reason? totally disgusted and if they wont give my money back i shall be taking legal action!!!!

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  • Joshua Sutton 02/11/2011   14:46:03

    Avoid at all cost they like to charge you twice for a loan then add on interest for the fun of it then say they have never recived the money and like to point the finger at everyone else. Avoid at all costs because they do not give a CR*P for anything but the money they like to take from you 2 or three times at one. Total SCAM.

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  • cordelia hulme 20/10/2011   19:48:10
    "wonga payment"

    I I'm having problems paying my Wonga my account is way over due but I've come out of work and want to know if I can pay affordable payments bck each month

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  • gemma stringer 05/10/2011   15:48:20
    "absolutely terrible!"

    my mother got a loan off £410.00 knowing she could pay it back the following month with total to repay £522.00. did you know that if wonga dose not take the payment when they promised they could freeze your bank account and any payments you have paid into the account they take seconds later? my mum is now in an informal overdraft of £114.00 they are taking every penny she has and on top of it putting £20 default charges? and are not taking no responsibility what so ever!! they have now taken nearly £600.00 and it keeps goin up. i have phoned and complained and they are exteamely rude to you. after finaly sorting this out. they tried there very best to push her into another loan from them!!! stay well clear!!!!! all the do is rip you off....

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  • Lynne Twigg 04/10/2011   17:48:08
    "Rip Off"

    Dont touch this company with a barge pole. 2000% interest. Paid off a debt for my son and now someone has is using my card to take various amounts our of MY bank account paid to Wonga.com. £350 in one day.

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  • Chris 01/10/2011   22:00:04

    I was with wonga for nearly a year and i never missed a paymeant or messed them about, in fact they made quite a lot of money out of me. All of a sudden they would not approve any lending to me. I was a loyal customer, and nothing changed in my circumstances, they obviously just thought they had got all they could out of me. I did contact them, but just got rubbish back off a pre written sheet. What a very very strange way to treat a customer with a 100% record, shame on you Wonga.

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    Jonathan Brent Hurwitz
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    Errol Damelin

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