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Fairfax Solicitors is a debt recovery company.

They buy debt that is in arrears from finance companies, telecommunications suppliers and other companies that you may have fallen behind on your repayments to. Despite them usually buying the debt for much less than you owe, they will often chase you for the full amount of the debt.

Many debt recovery companies have been accused of trying to force customers to pay more than they can afford each month. This breaks rules set out by The Office of Fair Trading.

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Company Name - drydensfairfax solicitors Debt Recovery

  • Correspondence Address
  • Fairfax House
    Merrion Street
    LS2 8BX
  • Reg Company Number
  • 06765260
  • Parent Company
  • N/A
  • Registered Address
  • Fairfax House
    Merrion Street
    LS2 8BX
  • FSA Licence
  • N/A
  • Website
  • www.drydensfairfax.com
  • What do our customers think

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  • Deb Wiggins 27/10/2012   12:32:33
    "absolute incompetents "

    Trying to force a sale of property over my partners csa arrears and have forced us to pay £ 800 per week ..............no consideration for my 2 childrens rights or mine for that matter,they should not be allowed to get away with this its extortion and they have made so many mistakes over the matter that i actually thought it was being run by a bunch of baboons :/

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  • Carlton B Morgan 23/05/2012   22:12:16
    "Harrassed by Fairfax"

    I was harassed by Fairfax for months and months and for a debt I did not even owe. I told them this repeatedly but they just kept on and on harassing me. When after far too lengthy a time they were persuaded they were in error they were unapologetic. They are an utter disgrace and should not be allowed to continue in business.

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  • un happy 06/03/2012   15:00:59

    I called Fairfax to pay my debt IN FULL which was only just passed to them, and was basically "told off" and spoken to so rudely I got upset on the phone! I explained my reasons for the debt but was still insulted and was so upset.

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  • Gareth Griffiths. 08/09/2011   20:36:08
    "Rude Staff!"

    I recieved today a letter from Fairfax demanding a payment on behalf of Halifax Plc. I already have a payment agreement in place which has been arranged by my debt case advisor at the C.A.B. For whatever reason the Halifax have chosen to take action against me. I telefoned Faxfax this morning to explain the situation. The women I spoke to was rude and dismissive. I explained my payment arrangement already in place and she proceeded to voice her personal opinion on the matter branding it 'rediculous' and claiming I had no right to such an arrangement! She went on to dismissively comment that my situation was of no interest to Fairfax and that I needed to settle the debt immediately. I found her attitude quite disgusting, more so as I had phoned to explain my situation to attempt to sort the matter. I did not phone to engage myself in an argument nor to find myself on the recieving end of someones personal opinion of my situation. Absolutely disgraceful!

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  • andy 27/01/2011   14:18:28

    do fairfax buy debt off of the csa ..... as they want £100 a week of me and i only bring home £230?

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  • Zoe 25/10/2010   13:02:00
    "Fairfax Solicitors"

    They have just suggested that myself my wife and my unborn baby due in 6 wks should be able to live off £65.00 per month after paying them £70.00. Il see you in court!!!

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  • Marcus Duncan 03/08/2010   09:59:49
    "Nasty Company"

    I have never felt so insulted during a phone call. They were nasty and rude and even though I paid what they asked, they blamed a loss of paperwork for issuing a CCJ - Should be closed down by the OFT!

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drydensfairfax solicitors Directors' Details

  • Director
    Philip Holden
  • Direct postal address
    drydensfairfax solicitors
    Fairfax House
    Merrion Street
    LS2 8BX

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