The Money Shop

The Money Shop is a payday loan company.

They offer loans from £80 - £800 and offer typical APRs as high as 1,737.2%.

Payday loans can prove to be very expensive if you are not able to pay them back in full at your next payday.

Borrowing £750 at this rate over 1 year would cost £2,612.89, making a loan from The Money Shop an expensive long term financial solution.

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Here’s some information we’ve collected about this creditor. Please note this information may not be up to date and was accurate at the last time we updated it (September 2011).

Company Name - The Money Shop

  • Correspondence Address
  • Dollar Financial Uk Ltd
    Castlebridge Office Village
    Kirtley Drive
    Castle Marina
    NG7 1LD
  • Reg Company Number
  • 2685515
  • Parent Company
  • Instant Cash Loans Ltd
  • Registered Address
  • C/O Instant Cash Loans
    6Th Floor
    77 Gracechurch Street
    EC3V 0AS
  • Consumer Credit Licence
  • 0334154
  • Website
  • What do our customers think

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10 customers have reviewed this creditor.

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  • Ava 18/01/2014   15:03:42

    MONEY SHOP R BANK ROBBERS -Stealing frm one's Bank Account They've actually taken Barclay's Money as i have had to be out of the country unavoidably and did not have any pay going in for six weeks. They have taken Overdraft Reserve &put my account into collection NO CUSTOMER CARE WHEN YOU HAVE A PROBLEM/EMERGENCY

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  • Roy 03/02/2013   12:27:39
    "It must be mentioned..."

    I'm a business person so I always approach money shop for various financial needs. Recently wen I got a problem with one of the pawn borking deal I had all the staff except one shop cudnt help me even if I was desperate to take that stuff back. It must be mentioned the help offered by the staff called Dion working in west road branch Newcastle. What she did was a brilliant job and broughte bak to life. Many many thanks for your help

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  • Rob Quest 21/05/2012   20:56:28
    "MoneyShop early repayment block shock!"

    Saturday 12th May I did what many people do when they have temporary finical difficulties. A trip to one of the many high street lenders that offer payday loans, in my case “The MoneyShop”My situation slightly different to most, in that I had recently one a PPI claim, with a substantial pay-out, but was informed it could take up to 28 days to receive the money.In that knowledge and after patiently waiting in the foyer of the shop for about 30 minutes I was seen to and may loan of £300 arranged on the premise that they will take the balance of £375 at the end of the month. I even shared my good news on the PPI with the manager who arranged the loan, so they knew I won’t have a problem repaying the full balance. We’ll all that was easy.Well for most people, they would have their pay-packet at the end of the month and the loan would be paid off or extended, and they make a tidy sum of you each month. But what happens, if you actually read the small print of the contract and act on it? The small print that’s there by law, to protect you the consumer? And that’s where things go bad, really bad for me.That PPI pay-out I mentioned paid out into my bank account the following Saturday, it was 3.30pm when I realized, and I thought wow, lets pay of that payday loan early and save some money on the interest, and that’s where my problems begin. Its Monday the 21st may as I write this and I have still not despite my best efforts been able to settle the loan early and end the agreement.I returned to the MoneyShop, Commercial Rd, Swindon that very day Saturday 19th May at 4:10pm with the very intention of paying of my loan early now I had my PPI pay-out (given it’s the most expensive type of borrowing it was a priority).“I would like to settle my payday loan early”, I informed the cashier giving her my name and account number. She cheerfully informed me, no problem its £375. At which point my heart sunk, this is not going to be so easy I thought. I explained I don’t hav

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  • keeleigh gill 19/03/2012   14:44:58
    "Why would i want a loan if i had a spare £70?"

    I did not agree or even know about an admin fee untill i had my card taken off me (on a weekend, with a child to feed) with no clue why! After spendind £20 getting to my closest, open branch with a screaming three year old, i found out that this so called loan company had stolen from me and i couldnt do anything about it. Now i have no bank card as the machine ate it, I am in 40 pound debt after borrowing to live over the weekend and i have to wait a week untill i am able to withdraw money! I am very disapointed in this company and think anybody would be in my situation.

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  • JAB 14/03/2012   12:58:00

    don't need them for cash, but they got in touch with me - and were rude and patronising! very disgusted with them. Metab called me "Twisted". he only had my number as a customer of theirs gave it to him. should i be insulted in my own home? disgusted. as he was trying to get my details I wouldn't give them to him as I didn't see why I should, and asked him to just delete my number from his database. he was plain rude, rude, rude. must take a nasty person to work for such an organisation anyway!

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  • JB 14/03/2012   12:47:28
    "spurious call from the Money Shop - i'm not even a customer"

    My number that I have had for 3 years has just been called by Metab from the Money Shop - he was asking for one of his customers who does not live here - after asking for him to remove my number he asked me for details of who i am - I told him i don;t have to do that as its not relevant - just want my blumin number removed! he angrily responded and i asked him not to get angry, just to remove my number - he then had the audacity to call me TWISTED ! and was partronising when told me his name.keep well away - i didn't even contact them for money - they contacted me in my home and abused me verbally!

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  • Gemma 17/02/2012   09:07:23
    "STAY AWAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

    well i jus recieved a phone call from these people asking for a person i dnt no so i tell them i brought this phone off someone about 6 months ago nd i dnt no these people they replyed WELL U HAVE TO GET IN CONTACT WITH THEM AND TELL THEM so i sed no ur the ones after him then he replyed U AINT BROUGHT THIS PHONE AND I WILL KEEP PHONING EARLY HOURS AND LATE HOURS OF THE DAY bearing mind i have a 9 week old baby how disgusting are they, dnt ever ever ever use this company they are rude if u need a loan go to wonga they are lovely

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  • Greg Pendleton 02/02/2012   13:24:44
    "Un fair "

    I have just rang up to pay for to cheqes that bounced and they will not let me pay them as its gone to there debt team . now i get charged £25 per cheqe that has bounced. how do i stop this? I needed to extend them but couldn't as lost my bank card...

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  • andrew 07/10/2011   13:58:57
    "Money Shop Customer Service"

    Having unfortunately been with the money shop for over a year, my working hours were reduced to zero - I went instore and explained my situation - all in public, no privacy whatsoever, I was then passed their phone to speak with head office, again all in a busy shop! they were unhelpful and blinkered to say the least, it has now resulted with me cancelling the cheques with my bank which I was not charged for as it has come to light that the cheques were dated - over a year ago and so are invalid, where I stand with this I dont know, I am looking into it, but please, DO NOT use money shop for any loans - their customer care is non existant!

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  • aaa 18/07/2010   14:08:00
    "stay away"

    Just called te Money Shop as it looked good, after 3 simple questions they asked and without my permission they transfered me to another very unhelpful company, I called them back to ask why they transfered me to another company without my permission to hear ' STOP WASTING MY TIME AND IF YOU CALL THIS NUMBER AGAIN I WILL CALL THE POLICE' IN MY WHOLE LIFE I HAVE NEVER RECIEVED SUCH BAD CUSTOMER SERVICE REGARDING LOANS. STAY AWARE FROM THESE PEOPLE THEY DONT KNOW WHAT THEY ARE DOING.

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The Money Shop Directors' Details

  • Managing Director
    Mr Silvio Dante Piccini
  • Direct postal address
    C/O Browne Jacobson LLP
    6th Floor
    77 Gracechurch Street
    EC3V 0AS
  • Marketing Director
    Mr Robert Andrew Bryan
  • Direct postal address
    C/O Browne Jacobson LLP
    6th Floor
    77 Gracechurch Street
    EC3V 0AS
  • Finance Director
    Mr Piero Fileccia
  • Direct postal address
    C/O Browne Jacobson LLP
    6th Floor
    77 Gracechurch Street
    EC3V 0AS
  • Company Director
    Mr Jeffrey Allan Weiss
  • Direct postal address
    C/O Browne Jacobson LLP
    6th Floor
    77 Gracechurch Street
    EC3V 0AS

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