Buchanan, Clark & Wells (BCW)

Buchanan, Clark & Wells, or BCW, are a debt collection/debt recovery company owned by Gothia, a European finance company. If you’ve been contacted by BCW then it’s because a company you owe money to – an energy provider for example – has either instructed them to recover the debt from you on their behalf or sold your debt to them.

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Company Name - Buchanan, Clark & Wells (BCW)

  • Correspondence Address
  • Bcw House
    24 George Square
    G2 1EG
  • Reg Company Number
  • SC223606
  • Parent Company
  • N/A
  • Registered Address
  • 24 George Square
    G2 1EG
  • Consumer Credit Licence
  • 0603076
  • Website
  • www.bcwgroup.com
  • What do our customers think

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  • Anne 22/04/2013   18:13:31
    "Reduced to tears!"

    These people are not professionals. The lady I spoke to was rude, verbally aggressive and quick to judge. T-Mobile should NOT use these people. It transpired that I actually did not owe them money and it was a mistake which I tried to explain to Buchanan Clark and Wells. I have never had such a bad experience in my life. I am ashamed that these people are from Glasgow. Please do not think these are a representation of my fellow townspeople. AWFUL, AWFUL people.

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  • hornswoggle 02/11/2012   19:05:27
    "stupid pratts"

    robotic morons incapable of rational thought or action. employees are probably those who failed the entrance exam for macdonalds.

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  • George 25/09/2012   14:58:25
    "Leaving Messages on your phone"

    As a Scot myself, I'm used to Glaswegian accents, but a message left on my phone by one of their staff was spoken so fast, and in such a broad accent, that both my wife and I had to listen to it several times. Even then we were unable to get the correct details. Found C & W via Google, called main office and were then told to telephone another number. Got through to that number and were told we should have dialed yet another number. Time for elocution lessons, me thinks.

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  • random 10/09/2012   09:01:00
    "useless "

    bcw have made it on many occasions so that i can not access my bank card through my bank thinking there fraudilant claims to access cash this company is sick in the head if i had to choose between being blown up or spending 5 seconds talking to them let me just lie on the bomb there useless incompitant and well just so rude

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  • Lynn Whittaker 06/08/2012   11:50:53
    "BCW Phone Line "

    I was sent a letter from BCW threatening me with court action. I phoned to speak to an operator who was most unhelpful advising that I needed to make a payment for August. I advised I did not have the money available to do so and would set up a standing order from September but this was rejected. I got extremely upset on the phone as the operator did not seem to be listening to me and kept repeating I had to make a payment for August. I won't be contacting them by phone again.

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  • Lisa 31/07/2012   09:05:57

    SO RUDE ,FELT THREATENED if I didnt pay over the phone, said they would take it further as i wanted confirmation that i hadnt paid £49 to british gas when I left a property , the did not have forwarding address (even though i had contacted BG )

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  • R A Walker 13/03/2012   22:29:51
    "RE; NPower Dept"

    Two days before Christmas 23rd dec 10. I moved out my flat to go and move in with my mother. 7 days before I rang NPower to inform them of the move and on the day of moving on the 23rd Dec 10 I made a phone call of termination and last meter reading also a forwarding address so they can send the last bill out to me. After a year of moving no bills was sent to me or no phone calls no nothing. NPower had the cheek and the gall to send Buchanan Clarke and Wells to recover the dept. I never come across a company so arrogant and rude towards me and the structure of the disgusting letters of threats. I gave them a ring and was subjected to harrasment, bullying and abhorent language and disgusting bullying tactics. Buchanan Clarke and wells does not treat you like a human being and treat you like the scum of the earth who does not deserve to be treated fairly. I must advise anyone who is being subjected to foul abusive behaviour that you put it all in writing and send a letter to either the Financial services Authority or the Trading Standards Authority. This company does not have the right to treat you with sheer disrespect and torture you with there vial telephone operators who have been trained to talk to you like shit from the female scottish operators. All I suggest is to keep calm and to think this " I am in control". Not Buchanan Clarke and wells. Communicate with the companies who you owe monies to and work a resolution with them. Also inform them of the bullying and harrasment that you are being subjected to. I will also ask you to call in to your local Citizen Advice Bureau and inform them also about your situation. CAB does not like to hear of companies who bully and harrass you in any way. Inform the company who you owe money to that you have been in contact with CAB and send a letter to Buchanan Clarke and Wells that you have reported them to them also. No company in the world has the legal right to treat people with sheer disrespect. People you have rig

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  • Hilarion 09/03/2012   19:13:18
    "BCW "

    Ignorant, semi-literate, twats

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  • Ellie 02/03/2012   17:24:05

    I am shocked, they sent nothing but threatening letters - never wanted to hear my circumstances and threatened legal action for £37.30. I was deeply upset they were so rude. My Father rang them up and had to tell them to sort their attitudes out as I'm 8 months pregnant and they were causing a lot of stress.We might owe money but we're not all low-lives.

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  • anon 23/02/2012   17:23:01
    "rude staff"

    Tried to contact this company with regards to setting up a payment plan and was greeted by the most obnoxious man I have ever had to have a conversation with!!

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Buchanan, Clark & Wells (BCW) Directors' Details

  • Director
    David Waite
  • Direct postal address
    24 George Square
    G2 1EG
  • Company Director
    Martin John Sheppard
  • Direct postal address
    24 George Square
    G2 1EG
  • Director
    Jacqueline Sharpe
  • Direct postal address
    24 George Square
    G2 1EG
  • Director
    Bryan Mouat
  • Direct postal address
    24 George Square
    G2 1EG
  • Director
    Graham Higgins
  • Direct postal address
    24 George Square
    G2 1EG

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