Blair Oliver and Scott

Blair Oliver and Scott are the in house debt recovery company for both Halifax and Bank of Scotland.

If you fall behind on repayments to Halifax or Bank of Scotland, Blair Oliver and Scott will usually start to contact you, trying to get you to pay the outstanding money.

Many consumers have commented through online forums that they don't feel the way in which Blair Oliver and Scott try to reclaim debt from them is fair and some have suggested that even when directly asked, the company denies the fact that they are owned by Halifax and Bank of Scotland.

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Here’s some information we’ve collected about this creditor. Please note this information may not be up to date and was accurate at the last time we updated it (September 2011).

Company Name - Blair Oliver and Scott

  • Correspondence Address
  • Po Box 66
    KY11 2WG
  • Reg Company Number
  • SC133457
  • Parent Company
  • N/A
  • Registered Address
  • Dundas House Viking Way
    KY11 2UU
  • Consumer Credit Licence
  • 322750
  • Website
  • What do our customers think

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Average reviews rated Blair Oliver and Scott

  • Bilbo 27/03/2013   08:38:34
    "Poor Service"

    You are expected to call an expensive 0845 number, they won't call you back. Won't let you set up a Direct Debit either and harrass you, even when you have a set up with Payplan. People in debt can't afford to hang on the phone while you are being charged high rates.

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  • peter smith 29/01/2013   17:07:10
    "poor service"

    they now use (jan2013) a indian call centre who neither speak or understand english. Additionally their phone contact is an 0845 number which will cost you money and make money for them !!!

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  • Susan 15/08/2012   12:44:47
    "Dreadful Call Centre Service - Does anyone have a UK number for them?"

    Today I received a letter from B,O&S staing they had received no payment - but they had! i have rung them four times today, the first two times, the first call the line was cut off, the second time they discussed the issue but still insisted no money had transferred into their account. My debt management company tried to ring them and they said the security information they had for me was incorrect. I then rang them again, they then informed me my date of birth was incorrect and put the phone down on me. I then rang a fourth time, by this time I am very cross. I spoke to a pleasant person who informed me that my date of birth was incorrect. So from the first conversation to the fourth conversation the data had been changed. Eventually they listened, I now have a new birthday, so I will be celebrating my birthday on a different day this year! There are no UK numbers, you can only ring India, it has taken me three hours to sort it out and still they will not change my date of birth to the correct one.

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  • Karen 14/05/2012   11:03:04

    BOS used to have a UK telephone number, which was very easy and people understood what you were saying, they have now transferred it to India and they do not understand anything that you say. I was on the phone for a good half and hour without doing what I wanted to do, which was an easy change of address

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  • colinj 26/09/2011   11:42:12
    "(B.O.S) Bunch Of Sh*theads"

    absolutly useless, anyone who i try and talk to cannot speak fluent english and any time i try to arange a final settlement they don't want to listen. all the other dept companies i have dealt with are a lot better than these idiots

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  • wendy garner 23/05/2011   14:06:02
    "bad credit report"

    I have asked them to remove my name from the experian bad credit file list, but will they, as I have entered into a payment plan with them?

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  • Bobby 04/12/2010   11:39:24
    "Quite Good"

    After a dodgy start, them wanting to, but failing, increase my payments, they accepted this. The only complaint now is that, unlike other Companies, they do not send monthly Statements.

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  • jillian stansfield 03/12/2010   09:01:17
    "halifax account"

    they have been very fair and had no hassle of them

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  • Andrew Berry 04/09/2010   21:46:29
    "Firm but fair"

    I got into debt with Blair Oliver And Scott after failing to pay my Halifax credit card. They sent me letters at least once a week, sometimes more. However after Debt Line sent them my very first token payment of just £1, I got a letter saying they were prepared to accept the reduced payments. It took a huge load off my mind as they had been threatening court action in their previous letters to me!

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  • linda 28/07/2010   14:04:59
    "not good"

    when i first got in debt with BOS they were very abusive demanded more money than i was able to pay threatened me with phone calls and letters. very rude when speaking to them. felt they could have had more understanding with clients

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Blair Oliver and Scott Directors' Details

  • Company Director
    Ian Michael Fielder
  • Direct postal address
    Trinity Road
    West Yorkshire
    HX1 2RG
  • Director
    David Wishart
  • Direct postal address
    2nd Floor
    125 Shaftesbury Avenue
    WC2H 8AD

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