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New Look store cards are provided by the clothing retailer New Look.

Their store cards have a typical APR of 28.9%.

A major criticism of store cards is that they often offer 0% interest or low introductory rates to encourage you to take out the card, but then raise the rates quickly once this period ends, sometimes above 35% APR.

If you miss a payment on a New Look store card, or exceed your agreed limit you will usually be charged for doing so. These charges can soon pile up, making it even harder to get out of debt, which we think is wrong.

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Here’s some information we’ve collected about this creditor. Please note this information may not be up to date and was accurate at the last time we updated it (September 2011).

Company Name - New Look - Store Card

  • Correspondence Address
  • Po Box 10081
    NG2 9LX
  • Reg Company Number
  • 1618428
  • Parent Company
  • New Look Retailers Limited
  • Registered Address
  • New Look House
    Mercery Road
    DT3 5HJ
  • Consumer Credit Licence
  • 0379395
  • Website
  • What do our customers think

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  • Anna 25/07/2012   21:51:36
    "New Look Card....How it works for NL."

    I worked for NL for 10 years. Why you have been offered the card? Not because they are care about you. Because NL signed the deal with provider for 10 mln for getting the customers into that. EACH shop has got the target for accounts opening. My store had to open 30 accounts per week! At the end of each day I have to call to my superiors and tell them WHY we have not done the targets.And recieve the disciplinary acctions. This is WHY the staff at NL trying to open accounts at any costs. Otherwise they can loose the job. Never mind that they are selling the financial product and have limited knowelege what they sell. The credit card must be sold by banks not by teenagers.

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  • Kirsty 13/03/2012   20:25:45

    HI, Missed one payment on this rubbish card (they did not state it was 35% APR at the tills) and nearly had the baileffs at my door but never received any bills! This card is a royal joke and should not be offered to customers! A pair of jeans that cost me £22 has ended up costing me over £52. DO NOT BUY INTO THIS SCAM.

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  • charlotte 26/02/2012   13:48:22

    help!! i recently recived my monthly statement for my store card. and the letter said i have a late payment charge and there is no information about the money i have paid that month on the statement. i no i have paid the minimum payment way before the date it was due and i even have the recipte is there any way i can contact the card company via email or without ringing them as its going to cost me a fourtune in phone bills and i dont see why i should pay for there cock up whats even more worrying how many times has this happend and how many people has this happend to ??? alll i can say if you have a card make sure you keeep every recipt of your payments x

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  • Sandra 08/02/2012   15:38:58
    "New Look card"

    I have just read the last review and want to add that my daughter had a very similar experience and is now paying £66 for goods costing £35 through no fault of her own but created purely by the inefficient service from New Look. Don't take one of their cards.

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  • Sophie Wood 18/01/2012   12:28:50

    The first time I signed up the assistant told me there was a problem when she phoned it through so they wanted to phone. A month went buy and nothing. When I went in to sign up again everything was fine but the card took 9 days to come through!"!!! Where's the customer service?

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  • M. Panju 17/05/2011   17:02:26
    "new look store card? NOT RECOMMENDED!"

    The hassle that this card will cause you is not even worth the 10% discount they give you! Not to mention they inundate your inbox will useless promo emails every day. You can get the same 10% discount as a student hassle-free! I have had the card for about 6 months now....and I have yet to receive any SPECIAL promo offers which are not available to the general public. I accidently typed in the wrong number when setting up a payee online, but the payment went thru , eventually bounced back from a company called "IKANO" which to a lay person like me holds no connection to NEW LOOK. When I went to the store today, my card was declined. I called the customer service line, was told I hadn't made the payment. I tried to prove my case - but the late fee was already applied and all she could do was meet me half way. This is the worst customer service I have ever experienced. I was willing to pay by debit over the phone and they still wouldnt remove the late fee completely - even for an honest mistake. So i've cancelled the card...and i will take my business elsewhere! Although I used to be an avid new look shopper on a WEEKLY basis - I am sure I can fuel my retail therapy needs elsewhere! Their loss! The way i see it, it only cost me £6 to get rid of them!

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  • Nadia 26/01/2011   19:44:53
    "New Look card is a RIP-OFF"

    Don’t ever even think to ask for one New Look card and don’t let any staff member to convince you it is a good think. I did an acquisition for £18 and when I went to pay the lady in the till told me about the card. She told me I’d get discount paying by direct debit. They would check if I was liable for the card and call me to pay the credit or setup a direct debit. I asked to pay in the shop and she said it wouldn’t be possible but that for sure they would call me to set up the payment. They never called me. I received the invoice with the card one month after and I did the payment by phone. Two months after I got an invoice saying I was in debt of £24.55. When I called they said it was arrears fee and interest. I set up the payment the first of November and it looks like I made the payment 2 days after the date limit, but of course they never called as the girl in the shop said they would do and of course the first statement was late for me to pay on time. The New look card’s Costumers service said they send a new statement charging £12 for the late payment in December, invoice that I never received, then January I received a statement of £24. I spoke with tree different people and no one of them listened my explanation they just kept saying I had to pay my debt or they would keep sending statements with £12 arrears fees more each months plus interest and if I didn’t pay they will sent my debt to debt recovery agents and report the late payment to credit rating agencies. I had to pay of course. What else can you do? So at the end I paid a total of £36.55 for something that was initially £18 and I won’t even use it anymore because every time would remember me how much it was and make myself furious! I’ve been reading other reviews and it looks like they do the same to a lot of costumers.

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New Look - Store Card Directors' Details

  • Financial Director
    Mr Alastair Miller
  • Direct postal address
    West View House
    17 Western Road
    BH13 7BG
  • Company Director
    Mr Carl David McPhail
  • Direct postal address
    Pembroke House
    RG20 9HN
  • Managing Director
    Mr William James Kernan
  • Direct postal address
    New Look House
    Mercery Road
    DT3 5HJ

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